Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cherry Picking

I made homemade maraschino cherries. Home run! I have no words for how delicious they are.

Homemade maraschino cherries are shamefully easy to make: Put cherries in jar. Cover with (Luxardo) maraschino liqueur. Wait at least 3 days.

I made these about a week ago. I used sweet cherries--although I understand tart are preferred by some--and I left the pits and stems alone. (I had wanted to pit them and leave the stems intact, but I made a mess of the cherries, so I gave up.) I've used them in a few bar drinks--just now had a few in a rye & ginger--but they're good all by themselves or in plain ginger ale. I almost wish they didn't have liquor, 'cause they're so delicious that I could eat them all the time! I'd love to be able to snack on them at work--but I'll have to settle for the unboozed Door County sweet cherries that I so adore.

Next cocktail attempt? Maybe homemade creme de violette. (To make Aviation cocktails for my Dearest O.)


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nichole said...

That sounds so good! I started some limoncello today for a gift - maybe a little jar of cherries is be the perfect accompaniment. But I'll take your advice and make extra so I can keep some.