Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Have Yourself a Merry Little Headcold

Yours truly has been struck by a nasty little headcold since Saturday. It's not bad enough to make me totally miserable or to ruin the festivities, but it's bad enough to slow me down. In the morning, it takes quite a bit of time (several hours), some coffee, and a hot shower to make me feel human again, and then I'm ready for a nap. Lucky for me I already had today off as a vacation day, and I'm tempted to call in sick tomorrow if I'm not feeling better. Do you suppose anyone will believe that I'm really sick?

I'm not dedicated enough to have blogged the rest of the countdown. We had a swell Christmas Eve and Christmas here at the O-Ranch. We baked cookies, played games, exchanged gifts, watched holiday movies, sang holiday songs, etc. It was great.


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