Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All Aboard the Panini Express

For Christmas, Tim got me a new toy, a cast iron grill press to use with my cast iron grill skillet to make my very own paninis.

It works pretty well, too. I took a little walk to Fraboni's, where I bought some smoked provolone cheese and Vienna bread. I sliced the bread into thick (about 2") chunks and the provolone into thin slices, then I grilled the provolone, sliced onion, sliced tomato, and a touch of garlic between the slices of buttered bread. Yummy.

Thanks, Tim!

(By the way, if you like Italian food or delis or if you're a foodie-nerd like me, Fraboni's is a real treat. They've got tins and bottles of all kinds of goodies, pasta makers and other kitchen gadgets, seasonings, fabulous cheeses, and some of the best deli salads around. Check 'em out!)

What else is cooking today?

Turkey carcass: Another fine Ofamily holiday tradtion!

Don't throw out your turkey carass! Throw it into the biggest pot you've got, add onions, carrots, celery, parsley, and peppercorns, then fill with water to cover all. Simmer for at least a few hours, preferably all day, adding water to keep it covered. Strain, refrigerate, and then defat the next day. This makes the best broth, which I then use with the leftover turkey to make white chili, but you can use it for soup or anything else calling for turkey/chicken broth.

Being sick sucks. I'm knackered. Time for a nap.



BigPete64 said...

Vitamin C, Airborne, orange juice and Zicam. Maybe a beta caritene or two.

Barb said...

Airborne? Zicam? What're those?