Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life's Been Good to Me So Far...

Yep, it's another three day weekend! (Last weekend was 3-day because Monday was a furlough day.) I'm taking this coming Monday off for my Annual Vacation Day to Work on Income Taxes. I know it doesn't sound like much fun, but it sure beats doing taxes on a Sunday!

The weekend started last night with a stop on the way home at our beloved Star Liquor for the almost-weekly beer tasting. Last night the host was from Dogfish Head Brewery from Lewes, Delaware. It wouldn't be polite to let this nice young fella come all that way for nothing, so the Madison craft beer lovers came out in droves.

Again, not wanting to be impolite, I tried just about all of the 9 or so brews offered. My favorite was the Palo Santo Marron, a smooth, smoky caramel-vanilla brown ale aged in wood, packing a 12% abv wallop. Loved loved loved it! This is one to sip--not gulp--both because of the high alcohol content and the high price tag ($14/4-pack). We brought a 4-pack home, along with a 6er or my second choice, the Chicory Stout, which has a yummy roasty toasty coffee flavor you can almost chew.

Hard to pass up--but we had to 'cause we only have so much money and storage space--were the Indian Brown Ale and the Raison D'Etre, two more dark, yummy ales. The Midas Touch, a slightly sweet mead-like beer, was tasty but not something I was in the mood for. (These dull winter days require bold, hearty ales.) The Red & White was something of a letdown--I'm not sure what it was, it just seemed odd to me somehow. The brewer's description of the Red & White was much more appetizing than the drink itself.

Lastly, at the prodding of My Dearest O, who assured me it "wasn't too hoppy," I tried the 60 Minute IPA. Umm, no thanks. I couldn't finish it, so I gave it to O. (You think he really just wanted another sample?) After the 60 Minute, there was no way I was going to try the 90 Minute IPA on offer. Of course, O loved it.

We usually stick with the local brews--we're fortunate to have A LOT of good ones to choose from--but these guys can come back anyime. We'll make sure we're just as hospitable next visit.

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