Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow Day!

It's unbelievable! I dreamed of this day, but the chances of it happening were about as good as winning the big lottery (or a little worse).

Our offices are closed for the day! After shoveling the 60 feet of 1-1/2 ft. snow to clear the driveway to the street, I called to tell my boss that I'd make it in after the plows cleared our street. Her answering machine message said "State offices are closed today. If this is a staff member"--and then the message cut off! I then called my other Emergency Backup Boss, but there was nothing on his message about being closed. Next, I called my bosses' boss, and her message said that state offices are closed, but left no details for staff.

"This can't be true," I thought. So, I called my boss' line again. This time, her entire message played, and sure enough it said for staff to stay home! Yippee!

Even better, we just found out the bank's closed too, so My Dearest O and I can both stay home today.

Thank goodness, that makes two fewer idiots on the street getting themselves in trouble.

We'll just stay home and shovel instead.

Wherever you are, I hope you stay warm and safe today.


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