Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Nice Bowl of Hot Soup

How 'bout it? It's certainly soup weather around these parts. We've had homemade soup* for dinner all week: Pasta Fagioli on Saturday, Stuffed Green Pepper Soup on Sunday & Monday, and Bean Soup last night. We've also had leftover soup for lunch every day.

I had planned on making a quick soup, Mexican Vermicelli Soup, tonight for dinner, but staying home for the Wisconsin Weather Emergency, I had time both to daydream about my favorite Wynkoop's Gorzonzola Ale Soup and to make the soup, including the homemade chicken/turkey stock base.

Yum. I can almost taste it already. And, the simmering stock is making the whole house smell like roasted turkey.

But for now, it's back to cleaning the kitchen. I figured I should do something productive today. If I finish my work this morning, maybe I can play all afternoon.

*Recipes and photos later, IF I finish cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry.

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