Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Furlough Friday!

I plan to spend today, the second of my Mandatory Unpaid Furlough Days, much as I spent the first Furlough Day, by working around the house and yard (but NOT painting or cleaning toilets or any other stuff I don't WANT to do, gosh darn it).

After dropping Dearest O at his job at the Evil Corporate Bank, I picked up a few things at the Co-Op and the hardware store. I then stopped at Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery, treating myself to a yummy breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee, which I enjoyed as I read O's New York Times. Finding the Monona Pulic Library closed because Monona City employees also are furloughed today--are there any government offices open today in Our Great Nation?--I dropped my overdue books off without paying my fines and checking out more books that'll soon be overdue.

After arriving home, I had planned on going directly to the garden to pull onions for curing but became distracted by a surprisingly interesting program on WPR, a discussion with Douglas Rushkoff on "the dominance of profit and consumerism in American mindsets." Oh well, I'll get out to the garden sooner or later.

Also on my busy agenda: Canning tomatillos, braiding the cured garlic, staking errant tomatillos, weeding (maybe, maybe not), and, possibly, a nap, before picking up Dearest O, stopping at Star Liquor for a beer tasting, and returning home for my latest food experiment, Eggplant Masala.

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