Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Painting Scraping the House Day Twentysomething

(I'm too lazy to count, and I don't want to know how many days we've been at this.)

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. And no, I'm not blogging on the taxpayer's dime. I took a day of leave--I had to cancel one of my vacation days during Christmas week to do so--to do this. (Very unflattering photo, ain't it?)

It's only 9:15, and I'm already taking my first break, because I'm hot and tired and haven't had my daily Labor Day Scrape Away and Pastry-eating Fantasy pastry (Java Cat's blueberry scone, day old) yet.

Here's something I learned from this project, and you'd be wise to listen: If, when preparing to scrape large--and even worse small--patches of paint off of your house, you mention that a drop cloth would be a good idea, and your spouse*, who is very smart and someone whose opinion you usually respect, replies that it's not necessary, DO NOT LISTEN. Put a drop cloth down, even if you have to do it your own darn self.

That is all.


P.S. We had THE BEST buffalo burgers last night, grilled in the dark to perfection by the same smart spouse whose opinions are highly respected around here. Oh, we also downed a few banana-strawberry daiquiris, prepared by yours truly. (Gotta do something with all that rum leftover from the Christmas rum balls!)

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