Monday, June 09, 2008

Garden Update

So much to do! No time to do it! I want to plant some more beans, watermelon & corn, and flowers, as well as the entire herb garden. I have to do something to rebuild the raised beds and work on the irrigation & drainage, and I have to hill the potatoes. And there's some other have-to's and many want-to's--I'll have to find my list.

I'm sure there won't be any time this week, even if the ground dries out. Then this weekend, we have family coming from out of town/state for Tim's graduation (Yes! Already!). Maybe I'll just give everyone a hoe and a spade and put them to work.

Test potato hill. I think it'll work, with a little bit of straw mulch. (Check. Got that.)

I planted the potatoes just three weeks ago. Some of them are over a foot tall already! They can't keep growing like this or they'll look like trees.

I'm pleased that all of my tomato plants are strong and healthy. The flea beetles are starting to chew on the leaves, but as long as the damage is just cosmetic I can live with it.

(The wilted plant in the background isn't a tomato; it's some catnip that I transplanted from another part of the garden. And don't let it fool you--it's only playing dead.)

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