Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Germnation Race

I haven't been posting regularly. (No surprise there.) I'm boring and lazy. Yeah, I know.

Where yesterday there was nothing but soil, today there are lemon cucumbers. They sprouted up overnight. Literally. They sprung up about an inch tall, too. One of the sweet basil seeds has also germinated, just barely breaking the soil.

The results of the Great 2008 Germination Race thus far:

6-way tie for 1st place, at 2 days: Principe Borghese tomato, Gonzale Baby cabbage, sweet basil, lemon cucumber, Sucrine (romaine) lettuce, and Fiesta broccoli.

Last place at 11 days: Mrs. Scott Elliot heirloom columbine.

Still waiting on: Creeping thyme (21 days) and Slow bolt cilantro (2 days).


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