Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Equinox

The first Sunday of fall, and I'm feeling kinda lazy. I usually keep very busy on the weekend, but I decided to take it easy today.

Although slowing down, the garden isn't ready to die just yet. (It looks our impromptu art project managed to save our plants from the frost.) Following are some random photos of the garden.

An almost perfect poppy

Pollinators are always welcome

Red milkweed for the monarchs:

Not all weed seeds are bad

A good four feet taller than me, hyacinth beans reach for the heavens

Is it just me, or does dill remind you of fireworks?

You'll need a sharp eye to find the lone Bull's Horn (Corno Di Toro) pepper plant amongst the other edibles in the herb garden

After waiting, literally, months, I finally have some ripe-red peppers on my Big Chile plant

Flowering basil

We may have enough sage to stuff all the turkeys in Monona this Thanksgiving

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