Saturday, July 07, 2007

10:00 AM: How Hot Is It?

Too hot to garden; too hot for the Farmers' Market.

There. I said it.

As we say so often here in the Midwest, it's not the heat, of course; it's the humidity. (On the other hand, it's pretty darn hot too!)

I only braved the weather long enough to make a quick check on the gardens, to stake a fallen Jimmy Nardello pepper plant, and to water the vegetable garden and corn/melon patch.

Garden check: The oldest tomatillo plant is still taking over, even after my efforts to tame it by staking it last week. We have a bounty of unripe tomatoes and peppers. Cucumber plants are growing like proverbial weeds. First blooms on the Alicante French filet bush beans and on just one of the Tsuyataro cucumber plants. The west side of the herb garden, with the exception of the bunny-eaten borage, is thriving, whereas the east side isn't doing much of anything. Bean leaf Beetles or some other pests are still dining on the pole bean (Red Noodle, Purple Moon, and Murasakiirohana Fujimame) leaves, as the bunnies (or whatever) are on the sweet corn (which, the way it was growing, would've been at least knee high by 4 July if left alone).

(As I type, my Darling O is making mini wire fences to protect the corn. Now that's Love.)

Photos to follow, if I can make the effort to go outside again.

Number Two son is giddy with the prospect that his cheapskate parents will turn on the A/C. The front room is still fairly cool, so he's not getting his wish yet.

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