Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Few, The Proud: No Thanks

Before I get all kinds of hate mail, which I probably will anyway if anyone other than my immediate family reads this, let me say this: I have a great deal of respect for members of the military.*

However, joining the mililtary is best left to those who are smart enough and mature enough to make the choice for themselves. My 16 year old son is plenty smart, but he's certainly not mature enough to make that kind of life-impacting choice. (Or maybe he is, since he's decided it's not for him.)

The U.S. Marine Corps recruiters must feel otherwise, because they've been sending him (and his parents) literature about joining up about once a month for the past school year. (The school is not supposed to provide his contact information to military recruiters per our request, but someone obviously dropped the ball on that one.) Today, after receiving this last notice, which included an offer for a free t-shirt should he send away for more information on enlisting, I decided to call the number on the card and repectfully request the USMC cease sending literature to my minor son. And, according to the very nice lady, Indy, to whom I spoke, they will. Simple enough.

We'll see.

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