Saturday, November 04, 2006

Food Experiment

Tim's busing tables at Rossario's tonight, so Dave and I get to eat things that Tim'd turn his nose up at at, things like Teriyaki Tofu and Crab Rangoon.

Even Dave was a bit skeptical at first:

When we have tofu, I usually make it using an old recipe from my friend Yuni, which I'll post someday if I get around to it. I thought I'd try something a little different this time, and I found this recipe on the Internets. As you can see from my photo, it turned out well, and it was delicious. The next time I prepare it, I'll make a few changes: use fresh ginger (I didn't have any), double the marinade/sauce, and use less oil to shallow fry.

I also made the Crab Rangoon from a recipe I found on the Internets. I put the wonton wrappers in mini muffins tins, filled them with the cheesey crab goop, and baked them. I ended up with 24 instead of 48, because I overfilled the wrappers, which I won't do again. Again, they were delicious. See for yourself:

I also served a green salad with carrots and tomatoes (I don't think it's necessary to provide you with that recipe) and Chesun Plum Wine, the perfect accompaniment, from Door Peninsula Winery.

How about a snap of Happy Dave, post-dinner?

Cheers for now,

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