Friday, November 03, 2006

Big Fat Mistake

Last week, during a period of feeling sorry for myself, I subscribed to have the New York Times delivered to my door Friday-Sunday.

This was a big fat mistake because I can't read even half of the first section before becoming outrageously outraged. Here are my top three for today:

My new favorite villain Representative Charlie Norwood (GA) & Co. ensure that certain newborn U.S. citizens--those stupid enough to be born poor to illegal immigrant parents--have a difficult time getting health care.

Houston janitors making an average of $5.25 and hour have the gall to demand a 62% pay increase to $8.50 and hour so that they may lead an even more extravagant lifestyle.

Vigilant politicians save low-income citizens from medical doctors trying to lure them to the dark side with free immunizations. (And we all know about immunizations, don't we?)

I know I should get off my ass and do something. But what?

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