Monday, September 04, 2006

What I Did on My Holiday Weekend
Third and Final Day

An annual tradition: Clothes shopping for the first day of school. $200 for a pair of baggy jeans, a few plain t-shirts, and a bag of socks. Enough said.

Still to come: Shopping for school supplies. Yes, I know, the good parents have already done this.

I have too, in a way.
I'd always bought all the supplies on the official supply list for Tim before school starts, but when he came home he'd tell me that we had all the wrong supplies, and the we'd have to go back out to the school supply warehouse superstore and spend another $100+ on the correct, special notebooks, folders, binders, pencils, pens, calculator, and miscellany.
This year, I thought I'd outsmart him by sending him to school on this first day with the basics, just enough to write with and on and something in which to stuff the many first day papers from the teachers. Then, having saved $100 for the initial wrong supplies, I can go out tomorrow and buy all the special stuff. Brilliant, no?

What I should've done today was finish weeding, trimming the shrubs, and cleaning up the yard. Just my luck: It started raining last night and continued drizzling through the morning and most of the afternoon, so I had an excuse to skip the yard work.

Instead, I gathered these peppers, some from farmers' markets and some from my own garden,

then I sliced 'em up and made pickled peppers.

I've never made pickled peppers. (I've never even eaten pickled peppers, to my knowledge.) Turns out they're easy to make, but it took me all afternoon, what with all the slicing and chopping and whatnot. I'm kinda disappointed because they're not as pretty as I'd hoped. Maybe they'll taste better than they look. I'll let you know, although I suspect some of you may find out for yourselves come Christmastime, as they'll probably be gifted to you along with some basil jelly.

While I was shopping for clothes and pickling peppers, Dave was emptying more boxes in the basement. One of the treasures he came across was my Raggedy Ann, who must be pushing 40 herself. She doesn't look too bad for an old gal, although she does smell a little musty.

After sniffing Annie all over & giving her a kiss,

our Princess Boo snuggled up to her new friend for a little rest.

Thus, the long weekend comes to a close.  Sigh.

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow! Please don't make me!


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