Monday, September 18, 2006

Rhetorical Questions

I'm in the information business. That's a big part of my job--providing information about vehicle titling and registration or directing you to someone who knows the information if I don't. So we can assume if you're contacting me at my place of business that I am the expert.

Why then would you call me, waiting 30 minutes (or so you say--according to my computer log it's just over 4 minutes) to speak to me, and then not listen to a word I say? Why? Why would you refuse to listen, refuse to accept the information that you had sought, refuse to give me information that would help me assess your situation, and refuse to allow me to direct you to the people who could best help you? Why?

How effective do you think it is to yell, repeatedly, the same thing to me ("There is no title! There is no title! There is no title!" Yeah, I get it. You don't have a title.) and not give me a chance to try to explain myself? Do you think yelling and swearing at me will make me give you the answer you want? Will it make me crumble and override department policy, maybe even break state and federal laws, just so you won't be mean to me? And do you really think that I'm the cause of all your problems, like whatever the deal is with social security?

To the gentleman from Eau Claire: I'm a government employee who CARES. I wanted to help you and tried to help you, but you made it darn near impossible. Next time it might help if you'd stop yelling, just for a second, and try to listen.

One more thing: How would you feel if someone spoke to your wife/daughter/mother/grandmother/granddaughter/neice/
girlfriend/whatever the way that you spoke to me? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Have a nice day.

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