Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lucky Day

It took about 40 minutes of patient struggling with the overloaded server, but in the end My Dearest O and I scored tickets for all 14* of the films we want to see at this year's Wisconsin Film Festival. Here's what we'll be watching over the course of the 5-day festival:

Fathers and Guns, Canada (French), narrative; buddy-cop comedy

OOS117: Lost in Rio, France, narrative; spy-action spoof

The Topp Twins, New Zealand, documentary; popular New Zealand yodeling, lesbian twin comedy act

The Host, South Korea, narrative; crowd-pleasing giant monster slapstick

Last Train Home, Canada (Mandarin), documentary; Chinese migrant workers return home for the New Year holiday

Human Terrain, USA, documentary; Marines prepare for Iraqi operations at the Urban Operation Training Environment in the Mojave Desert

Harmony and Me, USA, narrative; comedy about a jilted sadsack (Dave calls this one a "chick flick")

Feed the Fish, USA, narrative; buddies from California venture to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, for a bit of winter sport (Tony Shiloub plays a quirky sheriff. We were very lucky to get tickets for this one; it sold out within 2 hours.)

A Matter of Size, Israel (Hebrew & Japanese), narrative; a comedy in which a hefty restaurant worker and his buddies, looking for acceptance, take up the Japanese art of sumo wrestling

Chega de Saudade, Brazil (Portuguese), narrative; everyone's looking for something at a San Paulo dance hall

Baraboo, USA, narrative; life and love in small-town Wisconsin (Another one for which we were very lucky. This also sold out within 2 hours.)

Typeface (with Growing in Knowing: The Gateway to Midvale Gardens), USA, documentary; something about "letterpress" and stuff--not sure what this is; My Dearest O picked it

Cell 211, Spain, narrative; newby prison guard finds himself locked in with the nutcase inmates--sounds scary

Mother, South Korea, narrative; Mom stands by dimwit son wrongly convicted of murder in this whodunit

Whew! Is that 14? I sure hope so, 'cause I'm not gonna go back and check.

I'm very excited about our picks for the festival, but now we have to wait an entire month!


*We want to see a lot more than 14 films, but there are too many interesting ones that play at the same time.

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