Saturday, January 23, 2010

You Gotta Have Goals

My plan for this weekend is to finish John Irving's Last Night in Twisted River, of which I'm on page 279 or 554. Think I'll make it? I'd like to finish it and return it to the library before or on the due date (1/25).

Returning a book before it's overdue is a novel idea for me. (For the rest of the Monona Ofolks, too, for that matter. Number Two Son is now afraid to go to the library because he's had a book out since his sophomore year.) To prove my point, I'm once again banned from checking anything out or renewing anything until I pay my current fines--$14.80. That might sound like a lot to you, but it's nothing here at O-Central. One time the fines for My Dearest O and I totaled about $50.00. No joke. I think the last time I paid my own fines, just a month or two ago, the total was over $20.00. I suppose if we had less than 40 unread, unlistened to, and unwacthed* checked-out items laying around the house at any one time we might have so many fines. We don't care, though, 'cause we know it's our own fault and we like to give our money to a good cause*.


*It's the DVDs that'll kill you. The late fines are something like $1.00 a day. I can't seem to remember that fact when I have a DVD checked out.

**Once again, a shout out to Monona Public Library, Madison Public Library, and all the libraries in the South Central Library System. I consider this the best investment of my tax dollars (and fines).

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Dave O said...

spell check: "unwacthed" for "unwatched"