Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last week's theme was soup; this week it looks like it's gonna be meat sandwiches.

On Sunday, I made a big batch of pulled pork*. Although Tim** joined us for dinner and consumed two huge servings, we barely made a dent in it. We ate pulled pork sandwiches for dinner again last night and for lunch today, and we'll have them tomorrow for lunch, and there's still enough left to freeze for about a week's worth of lunches.

Tonight I made meatloaf sandwiches. There are no photos, 'cause the O-folk were very hungry and tucked into them too quickly. Here's the "recipe":

1. The night before, get frozen meatloaf out of freezer to thaw in the frig. (You don't have frozen meatloaf? Better make some meatloaf for dinner tonight and freeze the leftovers for about a month.)
2. Thinly slice a medium onion. Fry in a leetle oil & butter until beginning to caramelize. Use sugar & water, wine, or beer to help the process along.
3. Shred or slice some smoked provolone cheese--or whatever cheese you prefer & have on hand.
4. Heat up some leftover marinara sauce. (You should also have this in the freezer.)
5. Slice meatloaf into thick slabs. Heat up the slabs.
6. Lightly butter hoagie buns. Grill or toast. Top with cheese just before serving & return to the oven/grill until cheese is melted.
7. Assemble ingredients as desired.
8. Dig in.

*I use this recipe, with few changes. I cook a smaller (3-1/2 lb.) roast. I usually double the bbq sauce, 'cause I like things saucy, but I forgot to do it this time. If you make it, I encourage you to try it topped with cole slaw at least once.

**Tim called this the "best meat dish ever."


FIONA said...

I LOVE meatloaf, but my dh hates it. I only make it when he's not going to be home for dinner. Thanks for a great way to serve it.

Barb said...

You're welcome, Fiona. Too bad about your husband--I'm sure he's perfect otherwise :) Is there any way you can convince him it's a giant hamburger?

Now you've got a good excuse to make a loaf all for yourself, which you can cut into sandwich-sized portions and freeze.