Sunday, September 06, 2009

101 Uses for a Ripe Garden Tomato: #11--Jam, Believe It Or Not

Yes, I said jam.

Ever since I ran across Mark Bittman's recipe for tomato jam a few months ago, I've been dreaming of making it. (Just look at that photo and tell me you're not salivating already.) Tonight, I decided, was the night. And you, lucky readers, get to watch it almost real time.

Here's my tomato selection: San Marzano (paste) and Black Plum tomatoes.

All chopped up and in the pot.

Do you have trouble chopping or slicing tomatoes without ending up with a gooey, mutilated mess? If so, I suspect it's because of the knife you're using. All you need is a good (not great; not expensive) serrated knife. The one in the photo (Delongi), which has seen daily use for three years, works like a dream and only cost me about $11.00.

Spices added and ready to simmer.

Mark Bittman's recipes are usually fabulous, so I made very few adjustments. I used a wee bit less sugar than he called for. Also, although I've got a lot of peppers in the garden, including jalapenos, I didn't feel like adding pepper. I'm starting to regret that decision already, but I can always add some powdered pepper later. Of course, there's also always next time.

My concoction has been simmering for about 45 minutes, and it smells divine! I'm thinking it'll be fabulous with cream cheese on a piece of toasted french bread. Mmmm...

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