Sunday, August 10, 2008

There's Also GOOD News from the Garden


The first crop of corn is ready, and OH MY STARS is it ever tasty. Dave & I had an ear each last night, and I just started cooking two ears for dinner tonight.

Corn Wars: Ofolk - 4; Racoons - 0

6:34 P.M.: On the stalk

6:35 P.M.: On the countertop

6:40 P.M.: In the steamer basket

6:43 P.M.: Over the heat

6:57 P.M.: On my plate in a pool of melted butter

7:10 P.M.: In my tummy


Oh! And homemade kimchee (made with vegetables from my garden--cabbage, garlic, green onion--and my homemade pepper sauce) is mighty tasty with hot dogs!

Cheers! It's summer--eat well!

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