Saturday, August 16, 2008

The OCouple Tests Their Marriage

After two decades together, in which we raised two boys, moved numerous times (including several times overseas), and made many major life/career changes, we're now at the point where our relationship will truly be put on the line.

Cheapskates that we are, My Dearest O and I have decided to paint our house our own darn selves rather than spend a minimum of $4,000 for a crew of professionals to do the job right.

Today's task: Scraping off the old paint. (After today, at least one half of the OCouple is considering paying someone $2,000 to do her share of the work.)

OMG am I ever knackered.

We've scheduled the next 3 weekends to do the bulk of the work (I refuse to miss Taste of Madison, though), and I'd be surprised if the whole job is done before the snow flies.

There won't be much other than painting going on for awhile, so the garden news will probably have to wait.

Stay tuned, and cheers for now,

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