Sunday, July 20, 2008

Steamy Sunday

(Not what you thought, is it?)

I figured last night's rain cooled it off a bit. It sure seemed cool at 7:30, as I sat in the front room sipping my coffee and surfing the web. So when I went outside for my Morning Cucumber Beetle Squash and Garden Assessment, I didn't expect to be literally dripping with sweat within minutes. When I looked at the complete weather report, which read a reasonably cool 70°, I overlooked the part about 94% humidity.

Guess I could skip the gardening and yard work to stay inside and clean my house, which sure needs it. (And is a great excuse for turning on the A/C.) Nah.

From this morning's assessment:

A corn's eye view

First watermelon bloom

First morning glory bloom

Someone forgot to tell the corn plants that they're only supposed to get between 4-5 feet tall.

Little cayenne peppers

Purple tomatillos

Green Fingers

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