Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flavor of the Day: Elephant Trax

Driving home from our regular Saturday trip to the Dane County Farmers' Market, that's what My Dearest O and I observed advertised on the sign outside one of the local ice cream shops. I've gotta wonder what flavor Elephant Trax is; it doesn't sound appetizing to me. Quite the opposite, like maybe Rabbit Pellet. What were they thinking?

I'm going to try really hard to post some photos and updates today. I know that I've said that before, but I'm going to try really really really hard. Promise.

Last week I forgot my camera, and this week it was too cold to take photos at the Farmers' market. I did take my hands out of my jacket pockets, risking frostbite, long enough to snap this one:

Happy Preserves

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