Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You Say Tuh-May-Toe


Nothing says summer like a bowlful of tomatoes.

Not all tomatoes are red.

(Cherokee Purple, Persimmon, Green Zebra)

I'm growing an even dozen tomato plants, 11 different varieties. I've been harvesting large, fully ripe tomatoes for about a week.

Today's tomato harvest
(Speckled Roman, Persimmon, Brandywine, Viva Italia, Sugar Snack)

've got tomatoes all over the kitchen--on the windowsill, on the countertop, in the frig.

The recent rain has been a mixed blessing. Quite a few of the tomatoes are growing too quickly, causing them to crack. The worst are the Red Zebras and the Black Princes, which have been cracking so badly that I've only been able to keep a few to eat. The Speckled Romans, Cherokee Purples, Persimmons, and Brandywines have some cracking, but they're still quite edible. The Green Zebras have only cracked a little. Thus far none of the Lemon Boys have cracked, but they're also the only ones that haven't had a fully ripe fruit yet. First Lady, Viva Italia, and Sugar Snack plants all have produced beautiful, crack-free, delicious fruit.

My favorite tomato? For looks, I've gotta go with the Persimmon. It's the loveliest shade of orange, all the way through. For taste, I think I'd say the Cherokee Purple. (But then again, I haven't tried a Brandywine yet.) It's sweet and juicy but holds it's body well when sliced. For cooking, I can't say, as I haven't cooked with them yet except to make roasted tomato soup, and for that I used a mixture of a number of them.

Before roasting

After roasting


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