Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Ofolks Build a Retaining Wall
or What I Did With My Weekend

When we moved here there we some ugly, overgrown, dying bushes next to the driveway on the south side of the lot. Dave and Tim chopped them down, with the help of our neighbor Harley and one of his 3 trusty chainsaws, leaving a bare patch for the weeds to take over.

I had the brilliant idea to turn the ugly weed patch into a beautiful herb garden with a wave of my magic wand...

We kept the area covered with a black tarp throughout the winter and early spring...

And then I started turning over the dirt and weeding,

which took about a week of digging at night after work.

I then enlisted some help from the brawnier Ofolks (minus Sean), who helped dig trenches, tamp dirt, and lay bricks.

Here they are, hard at work on the first course, which was the hardest.

The completed first course, straight and level!

Dave and Tim making sure the sides are level.

Check out Dave's homemade tamper. Isn't he clever?

The Saturday 4:00 Whistle blows: Time to call it a day.

Here's another angle on our handiwork.

An understandably tired-looking Dave waiting for his dinner at La Rocca's pizzeria.

Sunday: Almost lunchtime, almost done!

Be sure to check back later for the completed project.

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GaryJ said...

that is one fine looking wall. Did they work on that one in China?