Monday, November 27, 2006


If you know me well, you'll find it hard to believe that I got up shortly after 4:00 this morning. Why? To take Sean to the airport to catch his flight back to D.C., scheduled to depart at the uncivilized hour of 6:00. After we dropped Sean off Dave and I went back to bed, about 5:30, to catch a few winks, but our plans were foiled by Tim, who set his alarm for 5:45 and continued to ignore it, as usual.

After taking Tim to school, we headed to Cleveland's Diner for breakfast, only to find it CLOSED on Mondays! We opted for our emergency back-up breakfast choice, Monty's Blue Plate Diner, where I had a fantastic order of Eggs Benedict a week or so ago, but didn't repeat the experience this time.

The eggs were overdone, the hollandaise sauce too lemony, and the potatoes bland, soggy, and somewhat greasy. Today's breakfast only rates ***, at best.

I spent most of the day trying to clean up and organize my studio (i.e. sewing room) and then ran some errands. Before I knew it it was NAP TIME, but that didn't work out very well for one reason or another.

Wanna know what I made for dinner?
Tangy Lemon-Egg Soup with Tiny Meatballs
, courtesy of Yahoo!Food. (Yeah, I know; but it sounded so good!) And it was good! Wanna see?

At first I thought it was too lemony, but then I realized that because I'm not used to lemon soup any lemon seems too lemony. Once I recovered from the lemon surprise, I really enjoyed it. The next time I'll make the meatballs much smaller, as they were too large and therefore a bit dense. I wasn't sure that Dave would like it, but he said he agreed that it was delicious.

We rounded out or meal with crusty rolls from Emian's European Bakery & Cafe,a salad of shredded carrots & cucumber and slivered red onion in a vinegrette of red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and freshly ground black pepper.

I know, it sounds like a strange choice, but it was quick and easy.


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