Friday, October 20, 2006

It's What's for Dinner

Lentil Soup.

That's what I made last night. (Only 'cause Tim was working. On the nights Tim works Dave & I eat the kind of stuff for dinner that gives Tim fits. Stuff like lentil soup or tofu.) We had leftovers tonight--Tim was scheduled to work--and there's enough left over for lunch tomorrow and maybe even a few freezer lunches to take to work.

After Dave ordered a delicious cup o' lentil soup at Bunky's Cafe* one night, I searched the Internet for a similar recipe. Unlike most recipes, I usually follow this one closely, with very few additions or deletions, except maybe a tad bit more cumin & I don't bother with the fried onions anymore. It's delicious with a hunk of crusty bread. Give it a try!


*I highly recommend the Seafood combo, if you go with someone who'll share it.

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