Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In the Blink of an Eye

If you've got little ones around, watch them closely and cherish every moment. It's true that before you know it they'll be grown.

Because I'm too lazy to hook up the scanner I am going to violate the cardinal rule of photography to bring you the following photo of a photo:

Do you recognize those three cute young fellows? (Yes, cute. Sorry boys, you were.) Most of you should be able to pick out Tim--he's in the middle. On the left is Jack, and Drew is on the right. I took this photo back in 1999, a night or two before we left Aurora, Colorado, for RAF Digby, UK, when Tim and Jack were almost 9 and Drew was almost 11. Gretchen, Drew & Jack's mom, was one of my best friends, and we used to get together whenever we could. (I still think about her often and love her dearly, but I'm very bad at staying in touch.) All three boys were in different classes at school, but after school they were often inseparable. The things they could come up with! Oyy! Trouble! But I don't think you could find three more fun (or lovable) boys anywhere.

Over the years I've watched Tim grow and change into an almost-man, but in my mind Jack and Drew are frozen in time, still their 1999 little-boys selves. What a shock when I received a letter and news clippings from Gretchen today. Drew is a high school senior (the class valedictorian and school football star--no surprise to me!), and Jack is, get this, the starting quarterback. Of his high school football team! High school! How can that be?

Gretchen, if you're reading this, know that I miss you. Jack and Drew, I couldn't be more excited or prouder if you were my own boys. There was a day when, in a way, it was almost as if you were.

Love to all,

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